Senior dachshund tuxedo

Jessica's portrait session with Charlie and Oliver was a big success! Charlie is a long-haired dachshund who's 15 years old (looking good, Cha Cha!) and Ollie is a 6-year-old German shepherd.

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This portrait with Charlie on Jessica's shoulder was a spur-of-the-moment idea when I saw her beautiful sequined dress she wore to go with his little tuxedo. Charlie and Ollie both had a number of outfit changes and we couldn't stop squealing at their bowties and evening wear. Looking sharp!


What’s better than a dog in a tuxedo? A tiny dog in his own tiny car!


We love working with senior dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, old dogs and brand-new dogs are all great, but there’s nothing as special as the established relationship between a distinguished gentleman and his favorite person.

Is your senior dog old enough for his own driver’s license? Does he deserve beautiful, memorable portraits? Contact me now! I’d love to hear from you.

Wag Fest 2019

Today was the most fun day of the year! Each year Browning Portraits has a booth at WAG! Fest, which is the largest celebration of all things canine in Ohio. Last year more than 18,000 people attended this one-day event, and this year unquestionably was much, much bigger. People just kept coming and coming!

Browning Portraits was pleased to show the newest line of artwork offerings - fine art oil paintings! These gorgeous paintings are traditional oil on canvas in a style reminiscent of the Old Master and finished with a lacquer protectant. We finished with our popular champagne custom frame.


Every year we notice there are certain breeds or colors of dogs or sizes that are more numerous than others. Last year was the year of the Great Dane. We saw SO MANY Great Danes last year.

This year? 2019 was definitely the year of the puppy. We saw a number of golden retriever puppies, Dalmatian puppies, and - like this picture shows - German Shepherd puppies.


Look at the ears on this West Highland Terrier! Westies are adorable and typically have pointed ears but this little girl’s ears were especially rabbit-like! She sadly had a foot injury but her mom wanted to bring her to WAG! Fest anyway, so into the stroller she went. Feel better quickly!


This lady let me take a picture of her invisible dog. Cute!

She actually has a dog at home who would be overwhelmed by this big fair, so she brought this leash that is made as a joke for invisible dogs. She said decades ago at the Ohio State Fair, clowns would walk around carrying these and would give a little bark at the kids that couldn’t be seen. She spotted one used and had to have it. How fun!

Hope to see you all next year at WAG! Fest!

Ohio Doberman

Meet Vinnie, a 12-year-old Doberman Pinscher!

pet photography columbus ohio

Vinnie is a former showdog whose owner passed away very unexpectedly. His adoring mom was the president of the Doberman Pinscher Club of Columbus Ohio and sadly died of natural causes with no warning. Vinnie's future was up in the air when Charlotte, his new adopted mom, stepped in to take over her friend's position with the club and also take in Vinnie. Charlotte loves him and calls him her Velcro dog. He loves to sit on her lap - in fact, when she comes home from work each day she has to recline in her easy chair and let Vinnie snuggle on her lap for at least 30 minutes. If she doesn't sit down or if she doesn't fully recline Vinnie whines and whines until she gives in and lets him climb up on her lap for a proper snuggle.

More soon from Vinnie's portrait session - he posed so well with his sister Mina! Can't wait to share those beautiful sunset portraits.

In the meantime, are you thinking of getting your dog photographed? I'm ready to hear all about your dog. Like Vinnie above, I'm all ears! Contact me now by clicking here.

Michigan's Coverdale lake

Fudge's mom wanted a big sky portrait in Michigan this weekend.

pet photography columbus ohio

Fudge asked for a selfie and who was I to say no?


These are the dog days of summer! I went on a pontoon boat for the first time. I made it onto a paddleboard and looked like a total natural, as long as you weren't looking at my white knuckles. If you've seen What About Bob?, when Richard Dreyfuss has tied Bill Murray to the mast and Bob is excitedly yelling "I'm SAILING!" as he's literally tied to the ship...that was me. I went SAILING!


Just ignore the Trader Joe’s snacks and enjoy the big beautiful sky. It was sunny and 80 degrees every day.


Nice homes! It was like watching House Hunters to go up and down the lake in the pontoon. I’m sure all of these beautiful mansions had granite countertops and an open concept perfect for entertaining.

Sunny golden retriever

This week in the 52-week pet photography blog circle we’re talking about backlighting. Sometimes backlight means a rim light, some kind of silhouette, or - my favorite - using the sun as a fill to give a bright, angelic glow to the portrait. If done late in the evening or super early in the morning, it’s possible to do a soft backlight. Done a little more toward the afternoon, with a harsher splash of sunlight, I like to use lighting to create a high-contrast, colorful portrait. The tones are nicely saturated and give a stunning pop to the images.

Max brought his mom, Marie, to meet me at a local park one sunny evening before the sun set for the day. Max is a four-year-old golden retriever with a typical golden retriever desire to please people, have fun, and play whenever possible. Marie’s favorite portrait from the entire session is this gorgeous image that captures their relationship and Max’s beautiful golden coat. Marie is so photogenic! Can you believe she has four school-age children and two dogs to keep track of? She is stunning. They both look fantastic.

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To see more backlit images in our blog circle, check out Terri J Photography your pet photographer in Toronto and Southeast Florida. Keep clicking through and you’ll make your way back here. Thanks for reading and I hope it was an informative peek inside my thought process!

Thinking of having yourself photographed with your dog? Let’s chat about a session just like this one. I look forward to hearing from you!

Military dog postage stamps

FINALLY! Happy Dogust, everyone. I've been waiting on the new military dog postage stamps for months and they are in! The Columbus-area post office I visited on August 1st (the very first day these came out) didn't have them in yet but the post office in Powell, Ohio did. If you're looking for them, (cough) Powell might be out of stock now. But check other locations. These stamps are so pretty!

pet portraits columbus ohio

My client with a golden retriever in Powell will be the first to receive this dog stamp from me. I’ve already asked for dog postage stamps for my birthday and Christmas. I must be getting old to be so excited about the post office!

Here’s hoping more stamps include dogs and furry friends in the future. Good choice, USPS!