Schnauzer in the foliage

Louie’s little face looking up at me couldn’t be sweeter. I used a wide angle lens with a wide aperture to get his eyes tack sharp. The warm autumn colors made his chocolate brown eyes pop. The eyebrows and beard on his sweet little face are almost too much for my heart.

This week I’m participating in a blog ring, where we take a theme and post an image that illustrates that idea. This week’s theme is bokeh, which is the beautiful natural blur that comes from an open aperture on a lens, which mimics the human eye and enhances the subjects we see. Sometimes I like to photograph dogs “wide open,” meaning a shallow depth of field that allows for a very blurred background, and sometimes I like to photograph my subjects “stopped down,” which means the narrow aperture makes everything very in focus. It’s an artistic choice, and sometimes it’s a matter of deciding how a dog will look best. I wanted Louie’s face to pop out of the leaves, and since this portrait was by himself, I opened my aperture on my lens wider to create this look. If he were with two other dogs, I would have stopped down my aperture to make sure all their three faces were in focus.

schnauzer in foliage

As I mentioned above, this is a post in a blog circle, so the next pet photographer on our list is Terri J Photography taking your pet portraits in Toronto and Southern Florida. If you keep clicking through you’ll eventually wind up right back here. Thank you for reading!

Louie will make more appearances on the blog in the future. We had a lot of fun in the leaves and even had some surprise costume changes! I can’t wait to share those awesome images, maybe closer to Halloween!

Thinking of a fall portrait of your dog sitting in the leaves? Contact me now! It’s a great time to start planning foliage portraits.