Michigan's Coverdale lake

Fudge's mom wanted a big sky portrait in Michigan this weekend.

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Fudge asked for a selfie and who was I to say no?


These are the dog days of summer! I went on a pontoon boat for the first time. I made it onto a paddleboard and looked like a total natural, as long as you weren't looking at my white knuckles. If you've seen What About Bob?, when Richard Dreyfuss has tied Bill Murray to the mast and Bob is excitedly yelling "I'm SAILING!" as he's literally tied to the ship...that was me. I went SAILING!


Just ignore the Trader Joe’s snacks and enjoy the big beautiful sky. It was sunny and 80 degrees every day.


Nice homes! It was like watching House Hunters to go up and down the lake in the pontoon. I’m sure all of these beautiful mansions had granite countertops and an open concept perfect for entertaining.