Wag Fest 2019

Today was the most fun day of the year! Each year Browning Portraits has a booth at WAG! Fest, which is the largest celebration of all things canine in Ohio. Last year more than 18,000 people attended this one-day event, and this year unquestionably was much, much bigger. People just kept coming and coming!

Browning Portraits was pleased to show the newest line of artwork offerings - fine art oil paintings! These gorgeous paintings are traditional oil on canvas in a style reminiscent of the Old Master and finished with a lacquer protectant. We finished with our popular champagne custom frame.


Every year we notice there are certain breeds or colors of dogs or sizes that are more numerous than others. Last year was the year of the Great Dane. We saw SO MANY Great Danes last year.

This year? 2019 was definitely the year of the puppy. We saw a number of golden retriever puppies, Dalmatian puppies, and - like this picture shows - German Shepherd puppies.


Look at the ears on this West Highland Terrier! Westies are adorable and typically have pointed ears but this little girl’s ears were especially rabbit-like! She sadly had a foot injury but her mom wanted to bring her to WAG! Fest anyway, so into the stroller she went. Feel better quickly!


This lady let me take a picture of her invisible dog. Cute!

She actually has a dog at home who would be overwhelmed by this big fair, so she brought this leash that is made as a joke for invisible dogs. She said decades ago at the Ohio State Fair, clowns would walk around carrying these and would give a little bark at the kids that couldn’t be seen. She spotted one used and had to have it. How fun!

Hope to see you all next year at WAG! Fest!

Big sky sunset dog

Browning Portraits is proud to present its first annual award for Best Dog Name. Okay, it's not a real award, but if there was a canine name award, this dog would get it. Meet McLovin!

McLovin is a senior puppy. I wrote about him a little while ago and you can find that blog entry here to see another of his sunset portraits. He was adopted a couple years ago, when his mom spotted him at the shelter and said he just looked defeated. He didn't even raise his head to look up at her but his tail started wagging and it was clear he was her new dog. If McLovin were in the Olympics he'd been a long-distance runner, not a sprinter. He has more endurance than dogs a decade younger. He was GO GO GO ready to keep moving and exploring through all our time together.

dog photography columbus ohio

McLovin brought his family to meet me at the park to watch the sun go down and it was a perfect evening. The sky kept getting more and more dramatic and stunning. McLovin's mom wanted a portrait of him howling at the sky, and as I was getting ready for his final portraits we saw signs that he was getting ready to throw his head back, and I was ready as a primal howl came out of him. We caught a few big howls and it was perfect. His mom says it looks like he's a wolf blowing the clouds into the sky, and I have to agree.

big sky sunset dog

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in having your “senior puppy” photographed like McLovin, I’d be happy to chat! Just contact me by clicking here.

Senior dog lights up sunset

I knew when I spoke to this dog’s owner on the phone that she was going to be fun to work with. She came across as easy-going and kind and obviously has a good sense of humor. How did I know? She laughingly told me, “My dog’s name is McLovin.” Yes, Superbad, the teen comedy that featured a character known as McLovin (as is written on his fake ID), is the namesake for her and her husband's hound.

What makes it even more special and awesome is that they were looking through the shelter and McLovin, known originally as Austin, was a senior dog. They spotted an 11-year-old dog who, in their words, looked defeated. His head was on his bed, he didn’t even bother to look up when they stopped at his cage, but his little tail started wagging when he saw they were paying attention to him. Is that not the sweetest?

McLovin is a true working dog. Last year, at 14 years old, he ran a 5k with his people. And at our portrait session, McLovin was GO GO GO. He didn’t want to stop! He just wanted to keep exploring and keep a move on. He still had so much energy left by the end of our two hours. In fact, I’d already packed away my lights and camera and we were all heading back to our respective cars when the sky started turning these fantastic shades of blue and pink. McLovin had plenty of pep in reserve so I pulled everything out again, working very quickly, because the sky was changing by the second. Voila! Look at this happy boy. Looking good for 15 years old. I made sure to get plenty of portraits where his ears were perked up and he looked interested, because his people said they missed out on what he looked like as a puppy. It never occurred to me that they never saw how his face looked as a young dog. I’m just glad that they opened their home and their hearts to a senior dog. They’ve given him a wonderful life and surrounded him with laughter. Good boy, McLovin.

sunset senior dog

I’ll write more about McLovin and show a gorgeous family portrait from sunset in a future blog post. Stay tuned!

Edit: HERE is McLovin’s family portrait session. Aren’t these sky portraits fantastic? I love how excited his family was to see these!

Do you have a senior dog yourself? Thinking of portraits? Contact me now! I’m happy to discuss a session with you.