Senior dachshund tuxedo

Jessica's portrait session with Charlie and Oliver was a big success! Charlie is a long-haired dachshund who's 15 years old (looking good, Cha Cha!) and Ollie is a 6-year-old German shepherd.

pet photography columbus ohio

This portrait with Charlie on Jessica's shoulder was a spur-of-the-moment idea when I saw her beautiful sequined dress she wore to go with his little tuxedo. Charlie and Ollie both had a number of outfit changes and we couldn't stop squealing at their bowties and evening wear. Looking sharp!


What’s better than a dog in a tuxedo? A tiny dog in his own tiny car!


We love working with senior dogs. Big dogs, little dogs, old dogs and brand-new dogs are all great, but there’s nothing as special as the established relationship between a distinguished gentleman and his favorite person.

Is your senior dog old enough for his own driver’s license? Does he deserve beautiful, memorable portraits? Contact me now! I’d love to hear from you.

Big sky sunset dog

Browning Portraits is proud to present its first annual award for Best Dog Name. Okay, it's not a real award, but if there was a canine name award, this dog would get it. Meet McLovin!

McLovin is a senior puppy. I wrote about him a little while ago and you can find that blog entry here to see another of his sunset portraits. He was adopted a couple years ago, when his mom spotted him at the shelter and said he just looked defeated. He didn't even raise his head to look up at her but his tail started wagging and it was clear he was her new dog. If McLovin were in the Olympics he'd been a long-distance runner, not a sprinter. He has more endurance than dogs a decade younger. He was GO GO GO ready to keep moving and exploring through all our time together.

dog photography columbus ohio

McLovin brought his family to meet me at the park to watch the sun go down and it was a perfect evening. The sky kept getting more and more dramatic and stunning. McLovin's mom wanted a portrait of him howling at the sky, and as I was getting ready for his final portraits we saw signs that he was getting ready to throw his head back, and I was ready as a primal howl came out of him. We caught a few big howls and it was perfect. His mom says it looks like he's a wolf blowing the clouds into the sky, and I have to agree.

big sky sunset dog

Thanks for reading! If you are interested in having your “senior puppy” photographed like McLovin, I’d be happy to chat! Just contact me by clicking here.