Wag Fest 2019

Today was the most fun day of the year! Each year Browning Portraits has a booth at WAG! Fest, which is the largest celebration of all things canine in Ohio. Last year more than 18,000 people attended this one-day event, and this year unquestionably was much, much bigger. People just kept coming and coming!

Browning Portraits was pleased to show the newest line of artwork offerings - fine art oil paintings! These gorgeous paintings are traditional oil on canvas in a style reminiscent of the Old Master and finished with a lacquer protectant. We finished with our popular champagne custom frame.


Every year we notice there are certain breeds or colors of dogs or sizes that are more numerous than others. Last year was the year of the Great Dane. We saw SO MANY Great Danes last year.

This year? 2019 was definitely the year of the puppy. We saw a number of golden retriever puppies, Dalmatian puppies, and - like this picture shows - German Shepherd puppies.


Look at the ears on this West Highland Terrier! Westies are adorable and typically have pointed ears but this little girl’s ears were especially rabbit-like! She sadly had a foot injury but her mom wanted to bring her to WAG! Fest anyway, so into the stroller she went. Feel better quickly!


This lady let me take a picture of her invisible dog. Cute!

She actually has a dog at home who would be overwhelmed by this big fair, so she brought this leash that is made as a joke for invisible dogs. She said decades ago at the Ohio State Fair, clowns would walk around carrying these and would give a little bark at the kids that couldn’t be seen. She spotted one used and had to have it. How fun!

Hope to see you all next year at WAG! Fest!